Diesel Feed Hammer Mill


Diesel feed hammer mill has compact structure. It is simple operating and stable running. Because of the small size, it saves labor cost and time to move the raw materials and it will not be limited by electricity resource.

A-Series Feed Hammer Mill


A-series feed hammer mills are widely used in small and medium sized feed industry or food processing industry for grinding raw materials. It has many features such as simple structure, reliable operation, and easier maintenance.

C-series Feed Hammer Mill


FY-ZW-C series feed hammer mill is the raw material size reduction equipment. It is widely used in medium and large animal feed pellet plant, fish feed pellet plant and food processing industries. Final products are in uniform fineness.

Feed Pellet Cooling Machine


Our counter flow feed pellets cooling machine can cool feed pellets with good cooling effect and prevent the hot and wet feed pellets from contacting cool air directly which make the feed pellets hard and durable and easy to store and handle.

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