Mesh Belt Feed Pellets Dryer Introduction

Mesh belt feed pellets dryer is a continuous drying equipment for drying material slowly and evenly. Good drying effect and keeping the nutrition of raw materials make it very popular in the fish feed production plant. This type drying machine is mainly used for drying feed pellets and grains.

Fish Feed Pellets Dryer featuresFish_Feed_Pellets_Dryer

1. Compact structure, small area coverage, easy operation, convenient maintenance, low energy consumption ,etc.
2. Even distribution, uniform drying, the retention time can be adjusted according to the temperature,moisture and other factors.
3. This fish feed drying machine is a static drying, materials doesn’t affect by vibration and shock in the drying process,it doesn’t affect or damage the original nutrition.
4. High efficiency. Materials has a large area to drying and high efficient drying.
5. This belt drying machine is composed of several independent units, each unit has its own circulation fan, heating system, air inlet and exhaust outlet.
7. It adopts hierarchical control to change the temperature of hot air, different requirements can meet in the process of drying.
8. It can be used in standardized feed pellet production, you can add the number of section according to the yield.
9. Suitable for the material which doesn’t allow high temperature in the process of drying, such as: feed pellets, vegetables, etc.
10. Widely used in fish feed pellets plant, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, etc.

Belt Fish Feed Pellet Drying Machine Working Principle

The materials are put on the conveying belt, move with the conveying belt and be dried by the hot air when the conveying belt passes through the tunnel. Our multilayer drying machine is divided into several independent units, each unit has circulating fan, heating system, fresh air inlet and exhaust outlet. The temperature, moisture and circulation of materials can be independently control so as to achieve the optimized drying effect.

The Maintenance of Feed Pellets Dryer Machine

Fish_Feed_Pellet_Dried_by_Fish_Feed_Pellet_Dryer♦ Before running, please check the valves and pipes whether leak or not.
♦ You should lubricate each friction parts periodically.
♦ Please check whether the earth wire of fans and electric cabinet are reliable.
♦ You should check whether the indication of instrument is normal or not and correct it regularly.
♦ If some parts are damaged, you should check or change it in time.



Technical Data of Feed Pellets Dryer Machine

Belt width
Total power
Note: The capacities differentiate with different moisture content and pellet diameter.