A-series Feed Hammer Mill Introduction

A-series feed hammer mill is a feed ingredient grinder machine. They are the ideal equipment for grinding grains like husks, maize, wheat, beans, peanut, etc. Into powdery materials by the repeated beating of little hammers. A-series Feed Hammer Mill is designed for small- and medium-scale feed and food processing enterprises. It is the important part of feed pellet production line. It has many advantages, such as simple structure, reliable operation, and convenient maintenance. These advantages bring about its popular in the animal feed pellet plant.


Working Principle of A-series Feed Hammer Mill

There are three grinding ways of A-series feed hammer mills to reduce material size: 1) explosion from impact of the hammers; 2) cutting by the edge of the hammers; and 3) attrition or rubbing action. Material is ground in the grinding chamber until it is reduced to the required size. The number of hammers on a rotating shaft, hammer size, arrangement, and sharpness, the speed of rotation, wear patterns, and clearance at the tip relative to the screen or striking plate are important variables in grinding capacity and the quality of finished products. Heat generated from grinding process is related to the material grinding time within the chamber and the air flow characteristics. Our Various materials can be reduced the size by our A-series feed grinding machine with proper screen selection and regulated intake, especially for grinding dry, low-fat ingredients.

Structure of A-series Feed Grinding Machinegrinding_chamber_of_A_series_feed_hammer_mill

It consists of delivery device, hammers, screen, pins, flow director, grinding chamber, bearings, screen carriage, wear liners, and couplings.
● Delivery device is used to feed the material into the grinding chamber.
● Free-swinging hammers that are suspended from rods carry out the function of smashing the ingredients in order to reduce their particle size.
● The screen (usually perforated metal) is mounted below, above, and/or around the hammers through which the ground materials can pass through.
● The hammers do not touch the screens. If you want to chop hay, set hammers farther away from the screen. In this way, you will use less power, and will get less fine material (power, flour, dust, etc.). If a fine powdery material is required, the hammers should be very close to the screen and more power is consumed.

Features and Advantages of Our Feed Hammer Mill

● They will handle any combination of grains and have a low maintenance cost. These hammer mills grind all kinds of feed ingredients.
● The machine adopts direct connection transmission as well as scientific and reasonable hammer arrangement and hammer sieve intervals, so that the fineness of finished products is uniform.
● Imported high-quality bearing is adopted so that the operation temperature rise is low.
● Multiple kinds of screen specifications for choice, quick starting type door opening machinery and elastic screen pressing mechanism are adopted, so that screen change is fast and convenient and the operation and maintenance are convenient.
● Lower power consuming.

The Technical Parameter of Feed Hammer Mill

Model Specification
Rotor Diameter
φ560(φ570) mm
φ560(φ570) mm
Pulverizing Room Width
360 mm
400 mm
Spindle Speed (turns/minute)
Hammer Linear Speed (meters/second)
Hammer Number
Mating Power(KW)
Normal Air Suction Volume(m3/minute)
3-5 t/h
5-7 t/h

(Note: The above technical data is calculated under the following requirements: the raw material is corn, the moisture is not higher than 13%, and the volume weight is not lower than 0.72 ton/cubic meter. The sieve pore diameter of pulverizer is 3mm; the bore diameter ratio is not lower than 33%.)

Sizes of A-series Feed Hammer Mill