Introduction to Feed Pellet Cooling Machine

Feed pellets discharged from the feed pellet machine are with high temperature(75-95 degree Celsius) and high moisture content(15%-18%), so they are easy to crumble and not suitable for storage. Our counter flow feed pellets cooling machine can cool feed pellets with good cooling effect and prevent the hot and wet feed pellets from contacting cool air directly which make the feed pellets hard and durable. The cooled feed pellet are easy to ship and store. Therefore our counter flow feed pellets cooling machine is mostly chosen for cooling feed pellets in the medium and large scale feed mill plant.

Working Principles of Cooling Machine in Feed pellet Plant

Feed_pellet_cooling_machine_structure(1) The cooling process of the pelleted product begins from they entry through the airlock feed system.
The feed pellets are then distributed with the standard distributor deflectors or optional centrifugal distributor.
Cool air is blown from the bottom grate  to cool pellets and the generated warm air is discharged from the top duct.
Adjustable level sensors are standard and maintain the depth of product bed .
The cooled product is then discharged through the discharge grate.
Sensors and PLC controlled discharge system provide near continuous product discharge through the discharge hopper.

Features of Feed Pellets Cooling Machine

◙ Stable and reliable performance.
◙ Compact structure, small size and easy operation.
◙ Outstanding cooling effect,low noise and easy maintenance
◙ The temperature of the cooled pellets is about 3-5 degrees Celsius higher than room temperature.
◙ When the pellet cooler stops, the feed pellets can be automatically discharged and this prevents the cross contamination between the feed pellets.


Tips for Using Feed Pellets Cooler

1. It is used for cooling feed pellets. Cooling can directly affect the quality of the final feed pellet, so it should be a gradual process. High cooling speed can lead to high abrasion and low speed will make the feed pellet dry. Moreover, it may also result in pellets cracks.
2. Small pellets emit heat and moisture more quickly than large pellets. Even distribution of pellets in the cooler also enhances the cooling process.
3. Air speed in counter flow cooler should stay between 0.8-1.5m\s.

Feed Pellet Cooling Machine Technical Parameter