SPD Series Belt Conveyor

It is the latest enclosed belt conveyor which adopts high-strength conveyor belt. Beautiful appearance, good impermeability, lower noise, higher reliability, etc. According to the different material handling, there are three width(500,800,1000) to choose. Widely used in transport of powders and pellets. It is a good choice for feed pellets producing plants.


TLSS Series Screw Conveyor

It is a sealing continuous conveying machine. It uses the move of spiral blades to push materials forward. Featured with small area coverage, good sealing, no dust, low noise, simple structure, smooth and reliable,etc. It can be placed on the ground or hung the ceiling. More points for feeding and unloading, transport on horizontal or incline. Widely used in any size of feed pellets mill, especially used for transport powder and pellets. It is necessary for feed production line.


TGSS(U) Series Buried Scraper Conveyor

It has two kinds for you to choose, TGSS and TGSU. Track adopts the wear-resistant materials, reduced vibration, increased service life. Simple structure, small size, good sealing performance, convenient to install and maintain lower price, etc. It can transport long distance and large transportation. Suitable for transport powder, pellets and small block. Widely used in feed, foodstuff, flour, etc.


TCXT Series Permanent Magnetic Drum

It adopts stainless steer, flexible to install, small area coverage, easy to operate and clean. It is made of strong magnetic core thus it has a long service life. Without any power, there is a better effect on remove magnetic. It is necessary for feeding mills or flour mills.


TDTG Series Bucket Elevator

It is a lifting machine, widely used in vertical transport of all kinds of powder, pellets and coarse grained. Operating tube is fully open for detection and maintenance, high-speed of elevator and large amount of conveyor, yields higher than any other products.it is necessary for feeding mills, flour mills, food mills, etc.


TBDQ Series Pneumatic Three-way Diverter Valve

It is always combined with bucket conveyor, screw conveyor to control feed material conveying. With pneumatic control, fast, reliable and no leakage. It can be customized according to specific technical requirements. Featured with unique advantages of simple structure, small area coverage, flexible and reliable, beautiful appearance, etc. It is necessary for conveying feed materials in feed processing industry.


TFPX Series Automatic Rotary Distributor

It is a machine which has automatic clean up dust, compact structure, easy to operate, simple to install and convenient to maintain. Suitable for feeding mills , food processing plants, especially for feed pellets mill.