Introduction of 2T/H Feed Pellet Making Line

This feed plant is specially designed for processing feed pellets for some larger livestock farm and feed factory. It includes four main production processing steps and consists of 42 machines to complete the whole feed pelletizing procedure from feeding raw material to packing into bags. This 2 t/h feed pellet production line is featured with high working efficiency, less energy consuming, reliable performance and lower production cost. It enjoys much more popularity in feed processing industry, and best customer loyalty and reliance in European, America and Asia, also in Africa and so on.

Production Flow Chart of This Animal Feed Pellet Production Line


7 Machines
103: Pulse Filter  104:Bucket Elevator  105:Precleaner
7 Machines
202:Feeding Screw   203:FY-ZW40A Hammer Mill    205:Pulse Filter
6 Machines
302:Pneumatic Strobe   304: FY-SSHJ1 Mixer    305:Scrapper
13 Machines
401:Magnetic Drum Separator 405: Pellet Machine 407: Cooler
6 Machines
501: Grading Screen  503: Store  505:Packing Brake
Auxiliary machines are air compressor, gas tank and boiler, in total of 42 machines

Functions and Innovations of 2T/H Feed Pellet Making Line


1. There are Two Pulse Filters in feeding and crushing procedure in order to create clean and healthy working environment for labors.
2. During feed material pre-processing, the material should pass through Three Cleaning procedures, namely, the pre-cleaner and permanent magnetic drum separator, for the purpose of non-impurities  affecting machines performance.
3. If you want to add some molasses into mixing machine, it is feasible and easy, because there is a reserved feed inlet.
4. The main feed hammer mill, feed mixing machine, feed pellet machine, feed pellet cooling machine, feed pellets crushing machine, feed pellets grading machine and feed pellets packing machine are all made from stainless steel. The other auxiliary machines are cast by high standard technology. Therefore our 2 t/h feed pellet plant can guarantee your smoothly production without any troubles.
5. we also provide sieve and ring dies with different specifications. Besides, we can customize feed production line according to your detailed requires.

How to Establish  Feed Pellet Processing Factory

With the rapid developing of livestock, poultry and aquatic breeding industry, feed pellets are in huge demand on the market. Thus it is a much profitable business to build feed pellets factory. And there are some points we need to pay attention when we establish the feed pellet plant.

1. At the beginning, the feasibility analysis report should be done, which includes industry structure, market potential, products selling plan, and distribution channel strategy.

2. Set the proper production capacity. According to the quantity of demand of feed pellets in your district, in usual, the chicken is 0.75kg/day and the pig is 1.75kg/day; then, you can in accordance with the total quantity of feeds, and then calculate your producing capacity.

3. Where to establish the factory is an essential procedure. The overall idea is proximity principle. The feed plant site should be at the place where there is rich feed stuff, livestock farming and aquaculture are developed well, the transportation and communication is convenient, and adequately power and water.

4. How to choose feed pellets machines. As based on different breeding species, you had better select suitable processing prescription, and then choose better processing machines and plant, considering the following aspects: the degrees of electricity, the breakage rate and power pulverulent ratio(≦4%), and moisture content(≦10%), the temperature of pellets out of machines, and so on.

5. The administration policy, factory management method, labors, professional technician and salesman, and some others items should be considered.

FANWAY Machinery has a huge experience and exquisite technology in designing and producing feed mill equipment. We can provide turnkey feed plant project based on your require.