Ribbon Feed Mixer Introduction

Single shaft double ribbon fed mixer is an efficient horizontal mixing machine, suitable for mixing powdery materials. It is chosen by most small and medium feed plant or farmers to make animal feed, fish feed, etc as well as for mixing feed materials for making feed pellets. This ribbon feed mixing machine has been commonly used in small fish feed pellet plant. It is composed of horizontal cylinder, single shaft and double ribbon. This feed mixing machine can mix raw materials in different directions. This ribbon mixer has compact structure, low energy consumption, easy operation, convenient to maintain, long service life, low price. Widely used in rural farming households, small or middle size feed processing plants, etc.

Single Shaft Double Ribbon Mixer Features

1. It applies to mix various powdery material or mix powdery material with liquid. This feed mixing machine is especially used for mixing raw materials for making feed pellets.
2. Under the feasibility factors, the size and density of particle do not affect mixed result, for sticky materials, it still has a good mixed result.
3. Horizontal mixing process reduces the destruction of fragile materials.
4. This mixer featured with single axis connects two-layer ribbon and mixing materials in different directions. Materials can be fully mixed and mixing uniformity must be improved.
5. It adopts latest rotor structure. The clearance between rotor and casing is adjustable to virtually zero, it can reduces residual materials effectively.
6. Overall structure is more reasonable, beautiful appearance, easy to operation and convenient to maintain.
7. This ribbon feed mixing machine features with compact structure, small area coverage, resistant to wear, low energy consumption, long service life,etc. It is a best choice for you.
8. Suitable for mixing raw materials in feed pellets mill, chemical plants,etc.

Single Shaft Double Ribbon Feed Mixing Machine Working Principledouble_ribbon_of_feed_mixer_machine

The shaft of this feed mixer is driven by the reducer box, the ribbons of the shaft drive materials flip up and down. In the process of rotation, center ribbon pushes materials from the middle to both sides, and the outer ribbon pushes materials from both sides to middle, while materials will be upward along bucket wall. Materials produce circular flow in the feed mixing chamber to achieve the purpose of uniform mixing.

Attentions on Operating This Feed Mixer

1. When the feed mixing machine starts, check the running direction which can’t be reversed. Otherwise, stop the machine in time.
2. Don’t overload the feed mixer machine lest the heavy work damage the motor and the reducer box.
3. Watch the oil level on the display, if necessary please add oil for lubrication. For the first use, you should release lubricant and clean tank when the feed mixer works for 15 days. After that, you should change the oil in the reducer box once every three months and add grease oil on the shaft every two months.
4. This machine should be simply repaired after running 1800 hours, mainly check the lubrication or replace wearing parts; it should be overhauled after working 4000 hours, check and clean all assembly, and replacement or correction of all wearing parts.

Technical Data of Single Shaft Double Ribbon Feed Mixer

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