Introduction to Diesel Feed Hammer Mill

Our diesel feed hammer mill is driven by diesel engine, which makes it available in area short of electricity. With a higher performance,it is the most widespread among the farms, middle sized feeding factory and family.The whole machine is made of high quality material and belt drive.It is beautiful in appearance and has compact structure.Wearing parts and key parts are adopted high quality alloy steel and added in wear-resisting material.

Working Principles of Feed Hammer Mill

Hammer mill breaks the materials on the surface of the collision via high-speed rotating hammer.It has a simple structure, large crushing ratio and high production efficiency.
Hammer mill crushes the materials by the impact action.When the materials enter the crusher,they are impacted by a high speed rotating hammerhead to crush.Crushed materials obtain energy from the hammers and then rush to the damper and sieve with high speed.At the same time materials impact each other. After several times crush, small parts will fall down and large materials will be impacted, ground, extruded again by the hammers.The materials are squeezed from the gap by the hammer.At last the required size of the product is obtained.
The device can be adjusted the gape of the grate to avert the discharging granularity according to users requirement.

Features of Diesel Feed Grinding Machine

1. It is Energy saving and has high efficiency.
2. This feed hammer mill can be used for making powdery animal feed or equipped with diesel flat die feed pellet mill for making feed pellets.
3. The max material diameter can be up to 50 mm and the final products meet pelleting steam requirement.
4. The screen sizes can be offered as per your request.
5. Low initial investment.
6. Low noise and stable performance.
7. Easy operation and simple maintenance.
8. Few malfunction

Application of Diesel Hammer Mill

This feed hammer mill is an ideal crushing machine for small scale feed pellets plant or equipped with farm-made feed pellet machine. It is also suitable for grinding farm materials like crop stalks, corn stems, grass, rice straw, grain, legumes, husks and so on. This diesel hammer mill is widely used in the farm, feed processing industries and the wood working factories to crush the medium-hard and brittle materials.

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Diesel Feed Hammer Mill Technical Parameters

Screen hole size
Package size